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SEM Expands Adhesive Remover Offering with First Gel Adhesive Remover For Automotive Refinish

New and Improved XXX Specialty Adhesive Remover

Technicians can stop arguing over who gets stuck removing adhesive residue in the collision center and utilize one of three specialty adhesive removers perfect for a wide array of applications.  SEM Products unveils the first gel adhesive remover for the automotive refinish market along with an improved formula for existing adhesive removers in the XXX line.  

New 77793 XXX Specialty Gel Adhesive Remover is a 50 state compliant, solvent-based gel for removing adhesive residue as well as a number of other contaminates. The gel formula improves efficiency and eliminates product waste by evaporating slowly, keeping the surface wet long enough to fully saturate adhesive residue or contaminates. The run-resistant gel is ideal for vertical applications. 

SEM’s existing solvent-blend adhesive remover 77783, 77784, now named XXX Specialty Adhesive Remover, boasts a 50 state compliant status and delivers an improved, quick-acting formula with added strength to break down contaminates.  

All SEM XXX Specialty Adhesive Removers are 50 state compliant and ideal for removing adhesive residue, tar, sap, silicone, grease, oil and more from interior or exterior surfaces.

Part # Product Name Size
77783 XXX Specialty Adhesive Remover 20 oz. Aerosol
77784 XXX Specialty Adhesive Remover Quart
77793 XXX Specialty Gel Adhesive Remover 20 oz. Aerosol


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